Conversion Rate Optimization

A/B Testing. CTAs. Usability Tests. Surveys. Analytics.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Increased leads
  • Increased sales
  • Increased return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Decreased customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Conversion Rate Optimization Offerings

  • Are you ranking at the top of the search engines but still not getting enough leads/sales?
  • Are you getting paid or organic traffic to your website but still not getting enough leads/sales?
  • eCopious uses various methods of conversion rate optimization/testing to determine the pain points of your website
  • Heat mapping/scroll testing
  • Call to Action (CTA) testing, including color-based, text-based, and image-based CTAs for testing
  • Form/checkout abandonment tests
  • Exit surveys
  • A/B testing for landing pages and other important pages on your website
  • Sales funnel testing
  • Site Speed Analysis / Mobile-Friendly Analysis
  • Google Analytics Audit / Conversion Tracking
  • Internal Site Search Analysis

Why eCopious?

  • eCopious has experienced marketers and developers with more than 53 combined years of experience
  • We make each client feel that they are our top priority – because you are!
  • We have proven success in increasing sales/leads for our clients
  • It is common for companies like ours to get requests for “more traffic”… More traffic is great, but more traffic is not the cure-all everyone imagines it will be. Understanding where your most valuable traffic is coming from, can come from, should come from is more important than the simple idea of “more traffic”.

“eCopious is one of the best in the business. Between their leadership, knowledge of the industry, and endless patience, they are absolutely the company you want working on your project. …  Anything I needed, whether it was help understanding a new advancement in the world of Internet marketing, or just plain advice on what my next steps should be for a project, I knew that eCopious was the company to turn to.”

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